Who We Are

The idea of StyleScan came from our CEO, Larissa Posner, a former fashion model and Fintech entrepreneur. As a licensed Investment Advisor with Machine Learning certification from MIT, Posner assembled a group of leading U.S. scientists, venture investors, and fashion executives, to develop technology at the forefront of augmented apparel try-on. Based in Los Angeles, StyleScan is funded by an elite group of investors from CA and NYC, and have strategic backing from a Hollywood production studio and Microsoft.

StyleScan employs an academic approach to its computer vision and 3D technologies. Our CTO holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and a M.S. in Computer Science from Penn State and previously led the Applied Research Lab. The company's Chief AI Officer developed one of the best Poker AIs in the world and was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. StyleScan's creative team includes fashion industry veterans, who helped shape brands like John Varvatos and Ralph Lauren by overseeing artistic design direction.

Tesla Penn State Microsoft Raytheon Saks Fifth Avenue John Varvatos Ralph Lauren D. E. Shaw Avenue Six Studios MIT
Microsoft D. E. Shaw Ralph Lauren Penn State Avenue Six Studios Saks Fifth Avenue Raytheon MIT Tesla John Varvatos